An Introductory Message from Sugar Baddie

A message from the King of Sweetness himself: Sugar Baddie!

Welcome to my hidden lair, fellow Sugar Lovers! I started this website to share my secrets with those of you who love to succumb to my delicious temptations! Read here how I sneak my way into foods in ways you’d rarely expect.

Forget those tasteless crazy diets and all those boring promises of long term good health…. blah blah blah… who wants to wait? Life is for enjoying NOW NOW NOW and nothing says enjoyment like loads of sticky, sweet sugar… candy, cupcakes, doughnuts…. MMMMMMM ! Just loaded with all kinds of tricky added sugars: Dextrose, sucrose, high fructose corn syrup, malt sugar, molasses, invert sugar, corn sweetener, corn syrup, and Many, Many More!

With our secret meetings here, you and I can band together to keep tricking people into eating these delicious (but admittedly unhealthy) treats and we can stop those annoying do-good ZuberTubers™. Who do they think they are depriving people of my sugary badness? But don’t worry, my friend … the temptations of the SUGAR BADDIE are hard to resist… even for the healthiest eaters! Ha Ha Haaaaaa !